Ibadism in History the emergence of the ibadi school

Ibadism in History the emergence of the ibadi school

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     This book explains the historical origins of the Ibadis, one of the earliest schools of thought among the Sunni Muslims, mostly concentrated in Oman, with smaller communities in Libya, Algeria and other parts of North Africa. It sets out the doctrines of the Ibadis, albeit doctrines which are mostly insignificant variations from the mainstream of the Sunni Muslim creed and practices. The author recounts in detail how and why the error became established that the lbadis are an offshoot of the heretical group known as the Khawarij. In fact, the Ibadis have had no more in common with the Khawarij than Wahhabis or any other group among the Sunnis who might be called a sect. However, as a result of that error, the Ibadis have been widely misunderstood, sometimes even shunned, by their fellow Sunnis.

    This book removes the shadows that have so unjustly distorted the image of lbadis by shining the light of objective historical inquiry into the corners where ignorance and prejudice lurk together, making people afraid to know and face the reality. Through this book, the reader will discover who the Ibadis were, what they have stood for over the centuries, how they have lived, and the purpose and operation of institutions special to them (such as the ‘Azzabah). While good scholarship is always a blessing, this work has the added benefit at this juncture, when Muslims are facing the gravest threat in their history, of enabling understanding and tolerance and thereby strengthening the unity and solidarity of Muslims in the face of the enemies of Islam.

    This book
    The return to the way of Islam
    Why I wrote this work
    The meaning of the term Khawarij The Khawarij according to Ibadis
    Agreement in opinion
    The criteria for right and wrong with regard to Muslim sects
    The ummah divided
    The saved and the damned of the sects
    The formation of Muslim schools of thought Schools of thought in religion and in philosophy
    When did the Muslim schools of thought first appear?
    The formation of the Ibadi school
    The issue of the caliphate
    The Ibadi stance on public debate
    Islam is belief, words and deeds
    Walāyah, bara ah and wuqüf
    Unbelief in the bounty of God
    The ways of religion
    The 'Azzabah institution
    Meaning of the term al-'azzabah
    The derivation of the term al-'azzābah
    The meaning of the term halaqah
    The headquarters of the 'Azzabah
    The number of members in a halaqah
    The conditions for membership
    The duties of the halaqah Where is halaqat al-'azzabah established?
    Choosing the members of the halaqah
    The punishment of a member of the 'Azzabah
    How did the 'Azzābah system come about?
    The power of the 'Azzabah
    The Irwan organization
    Preserving of women's honour
    Inner meanings of the alms-tax (zakāh)
    Partisan solidarity
    The Ibadi adherence to religion
    Ibādīs as leaders of the ummah
    A brief word
    Jabir b Zayd
    Abū 'Ubaydah Muslim
    A necessary word
    Index of names

    Ibadism in History the emergence of the ibadi school

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