The guide Rulings of Menstruation and Postpartum Bleeding

The guide Rulings of Menstruation and Postpartum Bleeding

    حول الكتاب

     The Guide: Rulings of Menstruation and Postpartum Bleeding

    By: Bakir Muhammad Rashim

    Translated by:

    Khalsa Hamed al-Aghbari

    “I have taken a look at this concise book written by my brother Sheikh Bakir bin Muhammed Rashum, the obedient and trustworthy scholars. I have found it useful, well expressed and easily understood. A beginner can understand it easily. Obtaining this book suffices to educate oneself about these matters. Our Muslim daughters need such a reference to answer all their concerns about menstruation and postpartum bleeding.” By: Nasir al-Marmuri  

    “I encourage my Muslim sisters to keep a copy of this useful book as we are obliged to seek good knowledge and understanding about these relevant crucial matters.” By: Khalsa al-Aghbari

    Table of Contents
    Translator’s foreword
    Introduction by Sheikh Naser al-Marmuri
    Author’s introduction
    Preface: the verse of menstruation and reason for revelation
    The importance of the issue
    Types Of blood

    Type One: Menstruation
    Reasoning behind menstruation
    Definition and characteristics
    Rulings on non-menstrual blood
    Mucous discharges: definition and characteristics
    Signs of cleanliness and purity from menstrual flows
    Menstruation Time and the Interval between Periods
    Waiting during menstruation and mucous discharges
    Heavier and lighter menstrual flows
    Irregular bleedings
    Relating menstrual time to relatives'
    Imam A’rabi’ bin Habib’s rule
    Advice for the beginner
    A practical way for the beginner

    Type Two: Postpartum Bleeding
    “Questions and Answers” 
    What is postpartum bleeding?
    Who is a Confined woman?
    When does a pregnant woman refrain from praying fasting?
    For how long does postpartum bleeding last?
    For how long is the waiting period last in the postpartum bleeding?
    How does a confined woman purify herself from her first postpartum bleeding time?
    If a woman miscarriages, how long will she confine?
    If a pregnant woman bleeds, what should she do?
    Prohibitions On Menstruation
    Sexual intercourse
    Prayer and fasting
    Walking around the Ka’ba (Tawaif)
    Entering mosques and seclusion for worship
    Reciting or touching the Qur’an
    Getting divorced
    Applying cupping or cutting related parts (e.g. finger nails)
    Combing hair, putting Kohl and henna and using Sewak (a wooden brush)

    Purification from menstruation and postpartum bleeding
    Time Of purification
    Manner of purification
    Type Three: Prolonged Period
    Prolonged period blood
    A woman who has a prolonged period
    women in menopause.
    Purification from the prolonged period
    Obligatory purification
    Desirable purification
    Advice for women with a prolonged period
    Crucial Rules to remember
    Appendix of Cautions
    Appendix of Tables
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    The guide  Rulings of menstruation and postpartum bleeding

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